AT-Verband is an association of around 30 independent consultants, researchers, trainers, institutes and consulting companies and has been registered as a non-profit association in Germany since 1988. AT stands for adapted technologies in different spatial and cultural contexts. The term "Adapted Technology" does not only primarily include technical aspects, but combines technology and economy on the one hand with ecology and social aspects on the other in a comprehensive approach. The basic idea is to develop and implement solutions that take into consideration local interests, opportunities and resources in terms of sustainable development.


AT-Verband is in lively exchange with various national and international organisations working in the fields of adapted technologies, environment sciences, development and research. Through the AT-Verband network and the project work there are manifold, well established, national and international contacts to organisations such as UN-Habitat Nairobi, which has been actively involved in ongoing projects for several years. AT-Verband is a member of VENRO, the umbrella organisation of development and humanitarian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Germany.

The association's office in Stuttgart supports the networking, applies for and implements projects and facilitates external contacts.


If you want to become a member, please send an e-mail including your expression of interest and a short CV to the board. The decision of admission will then be made at the annual general meeting.

Main areas of work

The members of the association mainly work as consultants for various German and international organisations. Their tasks range from short-term planning and evaluation assignments to research, capacity development and periodic backstopping to the complete implementation of development and other cooperation programmes. In addition, the association works on and coordinates scientific research projects whose thematic focuses reflect the professional competencies of its members.

For the joint work on specific topics and projects, the members meet in interdisciplinary working groups under the umbrella of the AT-Verband. The networking of experts from different disciplines makes it possible to form teams for complex tasks up to large-scale joint research projects. The AT-Verband with its members combines worldwide experience in the following areas:

  • Material flows and material flow management
  • Waste management/ waste technology
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Natural resources, environmental protection
  • Energy/ renewable energy systems
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Sustainable strategies and implementation measures
  • Education, training, vocational training, capacity development
  • Urban infrastructure planning
  • Small industries, industrial parks
  • Disaster prevention/ aid, refugee work

The association is actively involved in the development of concepts and strategies that also take into account current global challenges such as climate change, scarcity of resources and rapid urbanisation. In recent years, the work of the association has been focused on longer-term projects. Specific country experience and sound expertise contribute to the development of holistic solutions.

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